The 2nd International Digital Multimedia & Entertainment Technology Exhibit and Conference presenting EP-TEC as Exhibitor!

Broadcast Indonesia 2017, the International Digital Multimedia & Entertainment Technology Exhibition & Conference, will gather 200 exhibitors from Asia and beyond from the broadcasting and production sectors. The event will be a marketplace to check out the latest technologies and we EP-TEC are one of the exhibitor.

Our product heading sector is in Education and training, System Integration, HD Technology, Security Storage system, and many more. Our Smart Technologies that we brought in the Broadcast 2017 event is Smart Board 8055 bundled with meeting pro® software, your training, meeting, presentations and collaboration will turn into a fully immersive experience. They can wirelessly connect laptops and transfer control of the interactive display between users. People can collaborate in visual and interactive ways, whether they’re in the same room or in a workspaces around the world. Our other series is Smartboard 6065 with Smart Notebook® Software and Smart Kapp IQ™ Software, Offering the most intuitive experience by automatically differentiating between a finger, pen or palm, do what comes naturally. Touch, write, erase. Simplicity at its finest. When Digital content feels real, that’s when technology product truly make learning to come alive.

In the other hand our Smart Kapp 42” and 84” can help people to be more effective, more connected and more engaged by giving people more choices about how, where and when they work, collaboration technologies that remove barriers to productivity, enabling team to communicate, to share files and ideas regardless of the time or place. We also have SWIVL and iStorage for our recording robotic and encrypted USB.

BC 1.jpg

As a leading education Technology company, EP-TEC Solutions Indonesia works closely with educators and thought-leaders in the field to ensure each new release addresses the needs of enterprise, for today and the future.


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